Water dispenser daily cleaning Guide

&Nbsp;   water dispenser with the improvement of people's quality of life, requirements for drinking water are also improved, so that more and more families began to use dispenser. But health cannot guarantee that if the water dispenser, water dispenser will become a breeding ground for bacteria to multiply. Experts say water dispenser work principle is the use of air pressure, water intake at the same time, an equal amount of air into the water inside the machine. Even in the clean air of bacteria also has around 4,000 per square metre. Bad indoor air circulation, even with large amounts of carbon monoxide, dust and other contaminants. In the air into the water, after a period of accumulation of breeding bacteria will reach a staggering number of serious harm to human health. Causing secondary pollution! Once the water is contaminated, and pure water and pure is useless. Only the habit of cleaning water dispenser on a regular basis to ensure the health and safety of drinking. Water dispenser disinfection of 1-2 for each month in the summer, once a month during the winter. "Professional, standardized service" service concept of credit management. Standard brand, 21st century new service concept, expensive in terms of quality of service, Service service, so that customers feel safe and at ease, leaving no after-effects, the customer is responsible for, is responsible for our own!
&Nbsp;   water dispenser cleaning procedure to do this is as follows:
&Nbsp;   water dispenser cleaning instruction: drinking fountains at the top of the bucket down. II: Smart water dispenser inlet remove the scrub. Third: unscrew outlet below the dispenser and water released into the prepared container such as buckets. Water process, because the water dispenser is not cleaned for a long time, might even blocked by poor water. When we are in this situation, use fine wire to dredge the outlet pipe. Thin wire tip needs to handle smooth so that the outlet pipe burst. Four: in the container (bucket) into the amount of citric acid to the solution until saturated. Five: the washing machine water dispenser is powered. The cleaner inlet pipe is inserted with citric acid solution by container; fixed on the outlet pipe of the washing machine water inlet above the machine. Open the washer switch, start cycle. Water dispenser has two main outlet is the root that sucker, another is the water inlet pipe. VI: water dispenser cleaning machine 10-15 minutes after the shutdown and unplug the power. Seven: powering water dispenser disinfection machine. Water dispenser disinfection machine on the outlet of the tube, directly into the water intake. Open the sterilizer's timer switch, timer for 5 minutes. Eight: the finished disinfection, water rushed into the water dispenser water inlet, open water dispenser outlet, the water is clean; repeatedly rinse 2 times or 3 times. IX: water dispenser outer shell scrubbed, fill it with water barrels. From the front water dispenser hot water, releases to water in order to plug in the water dispenser started working. Ten: attention. Water dispenser after cleaning, if irrigation is not clean enough, may have a residue of citric acid in the water tank, water will feel the water has a sour taste. But it will not affect your health. If you like sour, more flush times, or more water, will be cleared. This is food grade citric acid, in moderation will not cause harm to the human body. BACK

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